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February 6, 2016

I did very little writing and zero publishing across most of 2014 and 2015.  Actually, I did write, but it was mainly nonfiction and about the Year of Hell (actually, over a year) I went through.

I can’t elaborate on what happened to my family and I in a public forum, but it was extremely traumatic. It broke deep levels of faith and trust in the world around me that I never imagined would be broken, levels that never should be broken for anyone.  It turned me into a facade of my former self in the short term and brought out a meaner, nastier streak in me over long run.

But truthfully, there’s an ongoing pattern where every time I make a sale or two, something in “life” happens that ejects me from the world of writing for a long stretch.  Then I get back into it, rinse, repeat.   As pretty darn good as some of my excuses are, they only account for some of it.  I write an extremely long novel when I was 21.  I eventually cored and froze it, and now I’m making my sixth or seventh attempt to take it back out.  I’m torn as to whether or not it’s finally ready.  It is definitely a part 1 of X, and as such I’m not trying to resolve and wrap up the story.  Yet is it as good a part 1 as I’m ready and willing to make it?   Unfortunately I’ve asked myself that same question during the last five or six times I’ve tried to take it out, and each revisionary pass keeps me thinking “Yes and no”.

Maybe I just need someone to actually read this incarnation all the way through.




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