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The unbreakable Clarion Bond

October 15, 2015

Seems like at least two of my former Clarion South classmates have unfriended me on facebook.  One, I’m not the least bit surprised about; he tended to shove his right wing views on people (or at least I interpreted his actions that way), and I was guilty of shoving my opinions on him shoving his right wing views on people.   The other I’m a little surprised about;  I could tell by his massively ignoring my casual, friendly comments on his posts for years that he’d been building up some dislike of me.  Not entirely sure why.

Maybe my habit of trying to compare my own situation to other people’s situations in an attempt to relate just annoys some people.   I find it baffling and bizarre that anyone would have such an extremely negative reaction to that, but from what I’m learning, it’s not too uncommon a reaction.  Is it worth exiling someone from your general circle for that after an experience like Clarion South, even if you don’t necessarily interact with that person regularly?  I’d say a resounding Fuck No.  I was hoping for at least the privilege of being thought of as deadbeat family member, or that weird uncle who’s a little unrelatable but you still sort of accept.  Alas.

But if there’s one certainty, I suppose it’s the entropy of lasting friendships.  For one reason or another, I guess people who meet for a brief, if intense, period of life and don’t see much of each other after that drift apart.   Maybe I should invest more into the handful of Clarion buddies I still do talk to.


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