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Politics as style

April 30, 2015

I find it odd how we reduce and belittle the weight of very critical human issues by calling it “someone’s politics”.  The puppy brigades like to reduce all criticism directed toward them as other people persecuting them for “their politics”.  Judging people’s talent by their race, victim-blaming criticism of the women targeted by GamerGate.  Those are their politics, their style, the clothes they choose to wear (as opposed to choices they make that disrespect other human beings), and if we call them out on it, we’re the cool kids bullying the underdogs for their appearance.

This is bringing me back to the days of bashers and anti-bashers on Prodigy classic bulletin boards.  The bashers would find clubs that they thought were dorky and bash them.  The anti-bashers would bash the bashers.  (I was an anti-basher, in case it isn’t obvious)  This Hugo war situation feels like an adult reincarnation of that.


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