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Police state

December 4, 2014

I’m going to say what I said on facebook last night.  One year ago, I sat on a grand jury in NYC.  I probably sat through over 100 cases, some of which had embarrassingly little evidence to the point of the vaguest hearsay. All but one of those cases resulted in an indictment. So I think you’ll understand when I say there’s no way that a grand jury should have or could have dismissed a case that involved video evidence of a police officer murdering an innocent man without severe corruption and illegality involved in the process.  Keep in mind that the prosecutors have the option not to include evidence in the grand jury proceedings.

The Ferguson dismissal was absurd enough, and the paragraph above applies to it as well.  But this case involved video evidence of an officer choking an unarmed, nonviolent man to death.   I mean, come the fuck on.  I could put this incident in a piece of fiction and I’d get people calling the outcome unrealistic.

Just when I think the justice system in this country couldn’t get any more warped or corrupted, it does.   I currently know of more than one person being prosecuted for crimes they didn’t commit, and I see the country’s biggest criminals hiding behind the law and literally getting away with murder.

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