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I’m Back

October 19, 2012

As a complement to my last post, it feels good to be getting back into the game industry.   My last experiences as a programmer in the industry, some 2+ years ago, left me with an exoskeleton of cynicism — for some of which I was to blame, and some of which I wasn’t.   Working a string of freelance Flash/ActionScript jobs that had nothing to do with games — abjectly non-challenging jobs — made me feel good for a time.  It served a purpose, to help me regain confidence, to remind me just how hard up some companies were for good, code-based Flash developers.   But after awhile, I began to feel empty (albeit well-compensated), and I found myself making one game after another during my spare coding time.  That is, any spare time where I wasn’t writing fiction.  I listened to my subconscious and decided it was time to get back on board.  And now, things are looking up.






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